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Art Gallery York

We will be showing local art and photography in our cafe through out the year. The art and photography work on display can be purchased at our cafe and deli.

Details of the work on show will appear here shortly.

Rosalind Walker

Yorkshire born Rosalind Walker specialises in large vibrant landscapes working mostly with acrylics, but she also does portraits, photography and is combining this with new projects in stained glass.

See some of her paintings upstairs at our cafe.

Autumn Fire

Michael Lynch

Michael Lynch is a artist and photographer based in York in the U.K.

"While at Art School, I became very interested in the effects that different printmaking techniques produce. If you paint a red square on a piece of paper, and then print a red square (let's say by inking-up a square block of wood), on the same sheet,  the two red squares will be very different. The printed one will be more textural and have a 'distressed' feel to it. It's the printed one that interests me. Having left college, and without access to all the printmaking facilities it had to offer, I set  about experimenting with different painting techniques which would achieve similar 'print-like' effects. This approach is also evident in the work that I put out on film."


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