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Feb 1, 2010

Opening Evenings: 25th January 2010

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Posted by: goji

Our first weekend of opening evenings went very well with Haggis Puffs by far the most popular item on our menu; they looked amazing perched on top of a bed of celeriac mash, surrounded by a rich mushroom and red wine gravy and scattered with freshly steamed greens and the intensely black ‘black pudding’. (well, it was Burn’s night) People said they tasted ‘meaty’, and although I haven’t tasted meat for over 35 years I know what they mean. It is a very warming, hearty meal and we are going to keep them on the menu for a little while.

Unsurprisingly for starters many customers chose the Pea and Halloumi fritters. Peas are totally underrated , but not only can we appreciate their fresh green colour, they also are delicious when fried with salty halloumi and mint . Goes so well with baked vine tomatoes and the lemon yoghurt; we know as we tasted quite a few to test the recipe!

Another popular item was the Vegetable Korma; vegetables sweated down in ghee, spices and coconut milk with just enough besan (chick pea flour) to thicken the sauce, and freshly squeezed grated ginger, with a touch of chilli to give it a mild kick. No onions or garlic for a change…just some asafoetida instead to give it that oniony background .It won’t blow your socks off so you can’t distinguish the flavours, so you should be able to taste quite a few different spices in there as well. We topped the dish with some paneer curd cheese, which gives the dish another texture as it is quite chewy. Paneer is quite easy to make. If you want to make your own paneer have a look at this:

Gita, our part time sous chef who is originally from Slovakia, had made a pumpkin chutney which complimented everything nicely.

For dessert, the poached pears were a hit, standing up on the plate draped in a dark warm chocolate sauce and served with a ball of organic icecream. They were ‘worth waiting for’. I put a touch of cognac in the sauce, but not too much because we still want to taste the anise, vanilla and cinnamon that the pears were poached in……well, see you next time…time to plan the menu for Valentine’s Day.


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