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Jul 20, 2011

Sugar Sugar

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Posted by: goji

For the benefit of our customers, it may be a good idea to clarify our use of sugar in our products.

For example, if you are someone who normally drinks diet coke (which we do not sell as it contains chemical sweeteners) , did you know that we do sell , from Whole Earth, a cola which has no processed sugar in it and no artificial sweeteners. It contains agave syrup, which is a naturally sweet syrup derived from a cactus plant

We also sell sparkling elderflower and lemonade from whole Earth and these only contain fruit sugars

We also sell a 100% pure apple juice made from just Russet apples which is about the sweetest apple you can get as a juice…with no added sugars at all


We often make a vegan banana cake which has no added sugars apart from the fruit sugars derived from grapes , apples and carob. So none of the white stuff.


We can also on request make you a cake that is naturally sweet using this fruit syrup in place of the unrefined sugars that we use for other cakes….such as our vegan chocolate cake , or a cheesecake ….


You can also ask for your milkshakes to be made with our fruit syrup in place of adding sugar, although there will be some sugar in the organic icecream that we use..or you can ask for some honey…..


The only white sugar that we use…and actually it is more of an off white…is our organic icing sugar that we sometimes use for icings

You will also find golden syrup in our traditional pecan pie; but we are looking at replacing that with a natural fruit sugar


So to sum up:

We do not use as far as we know any products containing aspartame or saccharin.

We do stock drinks that are 100% fruit and drinks that are only sweetened with a natural plant syrup….

We use unrefined sugars as far as possible

We do and can make some cakes without using crystalline sugar

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