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Feb 29, 2012

Feb Update

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Well a lot of time has passed since we last spoke. So it is time to update the Goji blog and let you all know what is happening behind the scenes at Goji.

Out with the old

Say goodbye to the old wool carpet that has seen hundreds of your feet tramp up and down on it. We are getting a new carpet next week and yes, we do know, it is about time!

New kitchen help

Welcome to Ryumi! My new Japanese helper who writes everything down! As soon as she has learnt a task, she knows exactly what to do and gets on with it in superfast time! Look out for new photos of the food on our facebook page, taken by Ryumi.

The Evening Menu

Good news for gluten frees. This week all main courses contain gluten free ingredients. So lets have a look at them

Vegan Fish and chips: this has been more successful than I thought. First, thanks to the Asian supermarket at the bottom of Micklegate where we bought the organic tofu for this dish. They are wondering what magic we use to make tofu into fish! And so we have been told, it gives ‘real ‘ fish n chips a run for the money. There are quite a few processes but it is worth it: first press out the water from the tofu. Then cut it into the size you want. Marinate it , wrap in nori seaweed. Dip in (gluten free) flour and then into organic beer batter. Then into a crunchy quinoa crumb and shallow fry. Then drain and into the oven for 10 mins! Simple. Tasty and soooo good with homemade tartar sauce made with organic vodka and grated lemon zest. Chips and peas, tomato sauce and there you have it.

Spring pilaf: After a bit of working this dish turned out really good: cook the rice in a forest mushroom stock , sauté your favourite green vegetables , add the rice and work it through with more stock, butter , organic cheddar and fresh herbs, and then decorate it ….we are doing our rice pilaf garden Topped with roasted pumpkin seeds and with freshly sliced jerusalem artichoke and fresh dill and asparagus

Lentil Bake: not just any old lentil bake . I know it sounds boring but trust me you will not be bored with our version which comes with a red wine and tomato sauce, sautéed spring greens with sesame seeds, a herb puff triangle and aubergine and soft cheese rolls.

Hmmm! And also who wants to know about the avocado and chocolate sugar free mousse! A hint of fresh basil and some of Paul’s shortbread are all it needs to set it off

And finally let me tell you that the pineapple upside down cake should not be missed, Because it is what we devised to go with it that makes it beautiful  Namely a maple rum syrup with pomegranate molasses and whipped cream with notes of crystallised ginger. It is good. So good. The sponge soaks up that syrup and it melts so lightly in the mouth. Divine.

Well now I am getting hungry so that is enough of that!

So what is to come? Soon to be launched as soon as we can organise the logistics : Goji breakfast time. Yes! We cannot give too much away at this point but we shall be bringing back an old favourite from the first Goji days that we think you are going to LOVE. As well as lots of other tasty breakfasty healthy things we are making up for you.  And all made in house as always.

Did you know??? That we make just about all our products upstairs in our little kitchen? Apart from the samosas and pakora which are made by a local Indian lady and the bread made by Phil in Haxby bakery

Hope to see you soon. Do come and say hello and tell us what you like about Goji.

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