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Jun 27, 2012


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Well the first weekend of the new birthday menu (it is our third birthday this month) got off to a flying start with a full house and having to turn tables away. Thanks to everyone who came and hope you all enjoyed it (I think the empty plates said as much!) This menu has provided me with quite a challenge as it involves quite a lot of extra prep to get all the dishes ready in time, so I was glad that I started ahead of time.

Here is a little run through of some of my favourites

First off, we have a barley risotto that has been cooked in a forest mushroom stock. It is really worth trying just to taste the flavours of forest mushrooms. It is finished off with crème fraiche and real shaved black truffles. Barley is remarkably creamy.

I really like the seaweed starter. Did you know that seaweed contains more calcium than milk and is naturally iron rich. As well as that it contains iodine, mainly found in seafood and dairy and  so important for the thyroid and for vegans and veggies who do not eat fish .The sauce we serve with this dish is made from miso and tahini. And it has a little surprise which is added last minute. Come and try!

A popular choice is wontons in ginger miso broth. The wontons (thanks to the Korean supermarket for them) contain a filling of aduki beans with spinach and dates. It is so delicious, and of course you can make any filling to go in them. In some places they slip a 5p piece in one of them , but hey, I do not want you to break your teeth!

For the egg roll I picked lots of fresh herbs from our garden and made a roulade which contains a tangy beetroot and goat cheese filling. Healthy or what? It looks so colourful.

Over to the mains , where you can enjoy what I think is known as a burger slider! It is like 3 different burger type creations. Well, I am making all the buns for you…in two different flavours, and then for the third we cook some polenta with herbs and cheese to make the base. Making a sweetcorn fritter with sundried tomatoes and feta cheese and then a chilli bean burger and then the goji mushroom and halloumi one that everyone just loves so much. Add to that some dips and sweet potato fries and you have got a great dish. What is really good is that it is easy to vary the type of burger or dip. I may play about with that a bit; experiment with the spices and themes.

Really popular is the quinoa lasagne. A surprise hit…it has layers of quinoa and a red wine and tomato sauce with courgettes and peppers, and cheese on top. Simple but elegant, with a rocket salad to set off the flavours . Gluten free too.

I think one of my fave desserts is the greek coffee yoghurt stack ; a layer of coffee flavoured greek yoghurt with chunky almond biscuits. I thought..yoghurt and coffee?? No way? So I was keen to try it. It is an idea that comes from the book ‘snog’. Whilst I am not a fan of many recipe ideas in this book, this one is a winner. It is delicious. Had to have a spoonful at the end of the night. Sadly though without the chocolate sauce that customers get with it.

But do not go without tasting the fresh fruit raw cheesecake. Actually it is not made from cheese but cashew nuts mainly. And different colour layers of fruit. But…it takes a while to make it. I have to start it on Thursday for the weekend. It sure looks worth it by the end though. Do try it! No sugar, but you will find it is not needed at all, so no need to feel guilty

Well do let us know what you think of the dishes. Unlike some restaurants we like to vary and change our menu. It is always more exciting to try new ideas and flavour combinations. Hope you like them

Look forward to seeing you

Wendy and kitchen team
Ps if you see my kitchen assistant in a white mask do not panic! She is Japanese and they all do that in Japan! It is hygienic after all. ….
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