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Mar 5, 2010

Kitchen update & Mother's Day

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Posted by: goji

Paul’s Pecan Pie is really getting noticed by our customers…..we have had yet another compliment for him today……..on the pastry this time. I am getting jealous!

Also made a trial batch of beanburgers which turned out well; with a view to putting them on the new menu. They are really nutritious because they have red kidney beans, rice and chopped vegetables in them, and they are Vegan too. Just one on its own is a tasty and wholesome balanced snack

Back again, was Buckwheat Bake; a favourite from last summer. We will be putting it on the specials tomorrow. It is not often that we eat buckwheat, but it is very versatile. Why not use it uncooked as a crunchy topping on rice or soups or in salad?

Mother’s Day coming up. I think we are going to put on a roast dinner and have some familiar and more unusual sweets for mum to choose from…how about rice pudding with maple syrup , a touch of rosewater and sultanas, hazelnuts and double cream? My mother used to cook rice pudding every Sunday and we would fight over who got the caramelised brown skin on top.  And for a more festive touch we are going to attempt a Neopolitan Cheesecake with three layers. Not going to take bookings , but hopefully everyone will get a table over the day. See you there! Bring a mum!
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