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Sep 8, 2010

Balanced Vegetarian Meals

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So what is the difference between eating a meal at a vegetarian restaurant…like GOJI and eating a vegetarian meal at any restaurant? What do we do that is different?

I think it is best put like this. When you eat at Goji, you are eating a meal that is completely balanced. I am trying to give you all the components of a balanced meal, whatever dish you choose to have.

With vegetarian food, you have to include various food items from different kingdoms in order to get complete proteins and nutrients. I like to think that I am familiar with these items and  how to use them. You know, when I make up the menus, it is not just a tasty dish that I want to create for you. I am thinking about food combinations that will be healthy and satisfying, and I am putting herbs and spices in there to enhance that.

Sometimes as a vegetarian , you can leave a restaurant feeling …. you know something in that meal was missing…it was not a satisfying meal. And you get home and you fancy something else to eat!

A balanced meal; that means a pulse or a bean or their products, a grain, a vegetable or something from the dairy or nut kingdom.

For example we have a dish of spicy pancake rolls on the menu.

This is rolls made from rice, sweet potato, onion and spices, on a bed of black beans and miso with spinach and a coconut cream sauce. So there we have, a grain (rice), a bean (black beans and miso) and vegetables

The buckwheat bake that we have on the menu this week, contains a seed product (buckwheat) and vegetables such as organic carrot and beetroot, and this is topped with cheese or with nuts to make not just a tasty but a very nutritious meal. I like to make a wine and tomato reduction with this..not only for the deep flavour which complements the earthiness of the beetroot and the nuttiness of the buckwheat , but because I also put a few juniper into the sauce , Juniper is used as a digestive, a natural antibiotic, and as a natural anti inflammatory . It not only does the sauce good…but you as well!

Buckwheat may help control blood sugar levels , possibly helping to reduce the risk of diabetes  and also is a rich source of  magnesium

Usually we need around three main components to make up a complete meal. And there are some things it seems that just do not go well together, and will probably give you indigestion. Microwaving and food is one. So we don’t do it. Cooking food in aluminium is another so we don’t do it. But did you know eating something like kidney beans and cheese together can play havoc in your stomach! I don’t want that to happen to you after you leave, so I avoid things like that.  I generally do not cook with potatoes and pulses in one dish. Do you remember baked potatoes with baked beans? (as a student it is daily fare) In my opinion, that is sure to blow you up like a balloon because of the different stomach acids produced all at once to digest starch and the bean together

So at Goji, our food is not just about what we do. .but what we dont do.

Wendy, Head Chef at GOJI


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