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Feb 17, 2011


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Posted by: goji

Valentines went especially well this year. A new dish which we called Baby Baby Baby was a customer favourite, and one which we all adored in the kitchen as well. It is quite easy to prepare; simply oven roast your favourite vegetables with garlic and spices and dress with a lovely tamarind and date syrup lemon sauce. I have decided to keep that on the menu for a while in the evening

Another hit was the Knickerbocker Glory. I just could not bring myself to download the song ‘Knickerbocker’ to go with it. However, it was much requested and no wonder. Layers of organic chocolate, vanilla and strawberry icecream and inbetween fruit jelly (yes, vegetarian) chopped nuts, banana, maple syrup, fresh fruit and whipped cream and topped with chocolate sauce. Not only the customers wanted it. The staff were insisting that they all have one too at the end of the shifts! So we all say down and ate this gigantic monster of an icecream pile up some time after midnight!

We hope to be offering this as well in the evening for a while…and all you vegans wont miss anything as we can do a vegan icecream version as well.

So this weekend it is back to the ‘normal ‘ menu. We are up to ‘F’ in our travels through the alphabet for the names of the courses now. What can you think of? (no swearing of course).

Don’t forget Psychic Evening on Thursday March 10th; a light supper and the chance to take part in an evening with our guest medium Audrey will set you back just £15. We are taking bookings for that now

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