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Mar 18, 2011

Update: Psychic, Tokyo, Mothers Day

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Posted by: goji

Our psychic supper on March 10th proved to be an interesting evening for all. Medium Leigh spent two hours in our upstairs and downstairs rooms giving messages from spirit to those present. As usual I was told to paint more and get those pictures out! So that will be my aim! Watch the walls of Goji for my paintings coming soon! If we manage to get a new daytime chef soon, I should be able to manage it somehow.

We hope to have another similar event for all those who missed this one; in which the medium will be doing some individual readings…

Meanwhile the news of the horrendous earthquake in Japan dominated our thoughts, not least because my brother is living in Tokyo. A few hours after the quake he sent me this email.

When it started to shake, we all ran into the

garden and out through an opening in the fence to a car park.

Our Chinese neighbors had done the same, so we stood there

trading earthquake stories and waited for it to settle.   It felt like

the ground was liquid under our feet. Even now as I write, it’s still

shaking.  In fact, it has been shaking on and off all day which never

happened in the past.  We don’t know what to expect

tonight - we will sleep with flashlights for quick escape.

I hope I get to have some of your Guinness cheesecake someday!

At least, give me the recipe.

Despite the news he was still able to think about food! And I gave him the recipe. Lets all pray for a safe outcome

New in the café for all vegans and those who are unable to tolerate soya: Vegan milkshakes made with Rice Milk. Ask for the flavours available.

We have also been asked whether we can do any other vegan cakes other than the usual four varieties that we always try and offer: Lemon Poppyseed, Chocolate, Date Slice, and Banana Muffins. Well, also new is VEGAN AND SUGAR FREE CARROT CAKE. Come in and try it (if there is any left)

Yes, soon Mother’s Day (April 3rd) will be here. We will be compiling a special menu for all those mothers out there

And yes, I AM thinking about April 1st for all those of you who have been asking…..wendy

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