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Vegetarian Cafe Menu | Vegan Options

Soup with Speciality Cheeses [£7.85] with wedges of award winning hand made Yorkshire Blue Cheese, Lye Cross Smoked Cheddar and Goat’s cheese. With fresh bread Soup and Wrap [£7.85] (Vegan Option) Soup and your choice of wrap

Tortilla wrap [£6.10] with side salad and chutney • Butternut squash, lemon and goats cheese • Spicy mixed bean and spinach (Vegan) • Roast vegetables in tomato with tofu (Vegan)

Hummus Standard: [£4.95] Large to share: [£7.45 ] (Vegan)

Our own chick pea pate with lemon, tahini , garlic, and oil served with olives, pitta, and

a mixture of our speciality deli salads.

Falafels: [£6.25] Large/sharing: [£8.45] with dips, pitta and garnish (Vegan)

Samosa with side salad [£4.25] With extra samosa [£5.95] (Vegan) Vegetable samosa served with spicy chutney and fresh cucumber raita.

Homity pie [£7.85] Potato,vegetable and herb pie topped with cheese served with our coleslaw,tomato chutney and salad.

Goji Curry [£7.95] (Vegan) Our own home made curry served with rice & chutney

Indian Platter [£7.85] (Vegan) Samosa, condiments, coconut dahl and pakora.

Goji Mushroom Burger With Cheese [£7.85] Large garlic mushroom in a multi grain burger bun, with halloumi, salad, mayo, ketchup, sweet potato wedges and pesto on request (Pesto contains mixed nuts).

Vegan Mushroom Burger With Tofu [£7.85] (Vegan) Large garlic mushroom in a multi grain burger bun, with smoked tofu, salad, mayo, ketchup, sweet potato wedges and pesto on request (Pesto contains mixed nuts).

Goji Hotdog [£6.10] (Vegan) Tofu Hotdog in a large baguette with tomato ketchup gherkins, onions, wholegrain mustard and salad.

Stir fried Rice [£7.85] (Vegan, Gluten Free Ingredients Option) Bowl of organic brown rice stir fried with sautéed vegetables and arame seaweed, seeds, and tofu. * Gluten Free Ingredients Option with silken tofu

Extras and nibbles

Sweet potato wedges with dairy free lemongrass mayo : [£3.50]

Goji salads : [£2.95] Portion Olives : [£2.50] Toasted tamari seeds : [£2.50]

Dishes of the Day Please see specials board As we do not use microwave ovens, there may be a short wait at busy times Please inform us of any allergies or preferences at the time of ordering .


Our cakes are made here using organic flour, unrefined sugars and organic eggs. We also use full fat organic milk and soya milk is organic too. We also have oat milk or cream. Our sugar free cakes still taste deliciously sweet!! All cakes served with cream, ice cream, yoghurt, or soya custard on request. We have

dairy free options of all the above.

Crumble [£4.60] (Vegan Option)

Stewed fruits with an oaty topping served warm with cream, organic yoghurt, organic ice cream, dairy or soya custard or oat cream

Pecan Pie [£3.95] [£4.50 with ice cream] A rich pastry tart made to a traditional recipe

Bakewell Tart [£3.50] [£4.05 with ice cream] An almond flan with a raspberry filling

Carrot Cake [£3.50] [£4.05 with ice cream] Moist cake, organic carrots, with orange soft cheese icing

Chocolate Cake [£3.25] [£3.95 with ice cream] (Vegan) A customer favourite, glazed with vegan chocolate icing

Lemon and Poppyseed cake [£3.25] [£3.95 with ice cream] (Vegan) Another customer favourite with lemon and poppyseed icing

Chocolate and Nut Brownie [£3.50] [£4.05 with ice cream] (Gluten free ingredients) A lovely gooey brownie made to our own in house recipe.

Organic Dairy Ice Creams OR Dairy Free Ice Creams (Vegan Options) Flavours: Vanilla, chocolate, Strawberry & Raspberry. 1 Scoop: [£2.10] 2 Scoops: [£3.50] 3 Scoops: [£3.95] Toppings £1.50 each/ chopped nuts/ chocolate sauce/fruit compote.

We often have many other options ; please ask the waiting staff

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