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About us

Head Chef Wendy

Our head chef Wendy first came to North of England to study painting over thirty years ago !

I'd recently become vegetarian and was desperate to learn how to cook properly. I joined the team of the legendary 'Brick Rabbit' in Sheffield and we had a lot of fun experimenting and creating unusual dishes from all over the world; inviting chefs from the local ethnic communities to come and cook with us. It was a very exciting time, and we were passionate about our ingredients which at that time were largely unknown (Wholemeal bread wasn't even in the shops). I remember my art tutor said to me after a buffet I had prepared:' make your mind up; are you going to do painting or cooking?' I felt I wanted to do both, using the plate as my palette , so to speak.  Over the next years I was involved in setting up several wholefood shops, restaurants, bakeries and running cooking classes; creating food that tasted good and looked appealing as well.

After some time spent working at a Homeopathic/Ayurvedic Hospital as cook, it became clear to me that food was able to help play a major part in restoring a person to an enhanced state of well-being. Homeopathy seemed like a natural counterpart to expand my knowledge . I then spent 6 years training as a Homeopath, and registered with the Society of Homeopaths in 2004, somehow still finding time to see clients. Food and's more important than ever to eat well now...and that means fresh, tasty, beautiful looking food that is going to do you the world of good.

Over the next year I will share with you some ideas about how food can keep you healthy , and about how to balance meals, as well as some delicious recipes of course and homeopathic tips!

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