Goji Cafe Vegetarian Lunch Menu: Much of it is also Vegan

Lunch served 12 noon to 4pm 7 days a week.


Feta Burger:

Cannellini bean, feta, and sundried tomato burger topped with roasted peppers, tomato, and avocado sauce served with herb wedges and garlic mayonnaise.

Mushroom Burger with Cheese:

Large garlic mushroom in a multi grain burger bun, with halloumi, salad, mayo (opt), ketchup, almond pesto & sweet potato wedges.

Vegan Mushroom Burger with Tofu

Garlic mushroom in a multi grain burger bun, smoked tofu, salad, mayo (opt), ketchup, sweet potato wedges.

The Goji Hot Dog.

Large tofu hotdog in a baguette, ketchup, gherkins, onions, wholegrain mustard, salad. (V)


Middle Eastern

Spiced sweet potato börek (baked filo pastry roll), with pomegranate glaze, tabbouleh, falafels, hummus ,beetroot relish, flat bread (V)

For one

Indian Platter

Samosa, coconut dahl, spicy cashew and cauliflower salad, chapatti, raita. (V) (CN)(opt)

Add extra Samosa: £2.95

Salad Platter

Three of our freshly made specialty deli salads (V and NGI opt)

Add :

Mezze Platter

For One

Our own hummus, chickpea, lemon, sesame paté served with olives, flat bread and a mixture of deli salads. (V)


Soup of the day with bread

Soup of the day & Rarebit

Half portion of soup and rarebit; creamy cashew nut and butternut squash rarebit with vegan cheese and roasted red peppers served with chutney (V) (CN)

Soup and wrap

with side salad, chutney, and your choice of wrap (below) .


Dairy quiche

Speciality deli salad, chutney, mixed green salad and in house dressing. We use organic eggs, milk and flour (quiche changes daily)

Vegan quiche

Speciality deli salad, chutney, mixed green salad and in house.

Roast vegetable Frittata

Speciality deli salad, mixed green salad, chutney (V) (NGI)



Two vegetable samosas served with mint raita and salad garnish £5.90

Tortilla wraps with mixed green salad and chutney .

Sweet potato wedges

with salad garnish and lemongrass mayo (V) ...

Deli salad portion .


All the cakes and desserts on our menu are made in house using organic
flours, unrefined sugars and only the finest ingredients from Suma Wholefoods

HOT DESSERTS Please allow up to 15 minutes

Spiced apple cake:£5.95

Sticky spiced apple cake served warm with caramel sauce and ice cream(V)

Chilled fresh fruit Chia Pudding £4.95

Superseed chia coconut cream, in house granola, fresh fruits and maple syrup (contains almonds) (V) (GFI) (CN opt)


Chocolate cake: £3.95

a customer favourite glazed with vegan chocolate icing (V) .

Pistachio and cardamom cake: £3.95

a light moist cake with a hint of rosewater (CN) (V) .

Spiced Carrot and Walnut Cake: £3.95

With orange zest icing (V) (CN)

Lemon and poppy seed cake: £3.95

another favourite with lemon and poppyseed icing (V) .

Chocolate and cherry hazelnut brownie: £3.95

lovely gooey brownie; our in house recipe (V) (CN)

Banana, Blueberry and Almond Loaf (v) (CN) (NGI) £3.95

Apricot and Almond Frangipane Tart: £4.95

Served warm with cream (CN) (V)

Raw Fresh Fruit & Cashew nut cream tart: £4.95

topped with fruits served with berry compote (NGI) (CN) (V)


Freshly baked fruit scone (v) with jam, clotted cream (V opt) and house tea.

Scone and butter (v opt)/jam £2.50/£2.95


Organic Ice cream topped with fruit compote: one/two/three scoops (V opt)

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