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Pollards Loose Leaf Teas £2.50 a pot

Darjeeling; thin bodied, light coloured, musky spiciness with a sweet cooling aftertaste

English Breakfast ; a full bodied black tea, brisk and refreshing perfect for any time of day

Afternoon Blend; a blend of lapsang and oolong teas with a delicate smoky flavour

Earl Grey; bergamot orange oil gives this tea its distinctive flavour and aroma

Keemun; deep and fruity, with a hint of sumptuous orchid fragrance

Formosa Oolong; dark amber in colour, full, smooth and fruity sweet

Flowering Teas £3.95 a pot

A magical experience; watch the flower open. With matcha green tea almond cookie(V)

Sweet Osmanthus; sweet and soothing, rich in antioxidants and low in caffeine. The osmanthus flowers are believed to help balance the body and lily restores energy

Red Amaranth; a subtle, slightly earthy tasting tea. Red amaranth is thought to keep the chest clear whilst the jasmine rehydrates the skin

Jasmine Fairy; light and delicate in flavour, combining the beneficial properties of orange lily and jasmine, restoring energy levels and hydration

Wellness Teas £2.75 a pot

Blended with simple natural ingredients to look good, smell good and most of all taste good.

Goji Tea ; Goji berries, “happy berries” are considered by many to be a superfruit and this blend is packed with goji berries together with strawberries ,blackberries and apples(caffeine free)

Lemon Myrtle Rooibos ; Quality south African Rooibos with the soft citrus taste of Lemon Myrtle blended with orange, a dash of ginger and sprinkled with jasmine blossoms.(caffeine free)

Kombucha Green ; Chinese green Sencha tea with kombucha, lemon grass and mallow flowers(Low Caffeine)

Herbal Teas £2.10 a pot

Chamomile, peppermint, blackcurrant, green, nettle, liquorice, fennel, rooibos



All of our coffees come from Pollards, Sheffield, a family firm who have supplied the finest tea and coffee since 1879 by roasting and blending their coffee on site

House Blend

Our house blend is a blend of South American and Ethiopian coffees; medium to dark roasted. We use organic whole milk with all our coffees and teas. Soya milk is also available.

Latte or Cappuccino : £2.50 Americano: £2.30 Espresso: £2.00

Cafetière coffees (below) for one: £2.60

Java; smooth dark and smokey, Kenya AA; medium roasted, full bodied, fine acidity

Brazil; mild and nutty Decaffeinated; medium roasted, naturally decaffeinated using the Swiss water process


Spanish Hot Chocolate, thick and creamy (V opt) (NOT Gluten Free)

ADD Marshmallows (V)(GFI) for £1.50



Duskin Apple Juice; made from a single variety apple down in Kent £2.50

Organic Orange Juice; not from concentrate, a superior orange £2.50

Whole Earth Organic Drinks: cola (with barley), lemonade, elderflower £1.85

Fentimans : Ginger Beer, Victorian or Rose Lemonade, Dandelion and Burdock £2.85

Belvoir: Pomegranate and Raspberry, organic Elderflower £2.85

Fruit Smoothie £2.95

Milkshake of the day; made with fresh fruits and ice cream (V opt) £3.95

Mineral water; sparkling/still £1.50



ORGANIC WINES (please ask to see the wine list for choices)

By the glass from £3.95 or by the bottle from £15.95


Elphin Brook (4.2%) A rich red brown beer with full rounded body, lemony and spicy named from the brook that supplies water to the brewery

Long Wall Mouse (5%) Mellow blonde beer, fruity and spicy, smooth finish made with top fermenting yeast. Named after a ghostly mouse that lived in a wall near the brewery

Mytholm Mist Wheat Beer (4.5%) A white hazy beer with aromas of coriander and lemon. Mytholm Mist is a refreshing drink with a fresh, classic finish, using hops originating from Hallertau, an area of Bavaria between Munich and Nurenberg; an ideal thirst quenching beer. Mytholm means “meadow at the junction of two rivers” referring to the area of Hebden bridge where Colden Water meets the river Calder.

Penumbra Stout (4.8%) Rich black stout containing wheat malt, crystal malt and chocolate malt mixed with oats and wheat. Penumbra has a rich and creamy roasted flavour with aromas of orange, citrus and berry. Penumbra comes from the Latin meaning “almost shadow” as in an eclipse, between regions of complete shadow and complete illumination, lies an area in which something exists to a lesser or uncertain degree.

SAM SMITH’S ORGANIC CHERRY BEER (5.1%) (V) 355ml £3.95


At Daas in Belgium, they have sought out certified organic wheat, barley and hops from the golden fields of Hainaut, grown by the original methods before modern chemicals were discovered. Part of the unique flavour of Daas beer comes from the Wallonian spring water and its rich mineral content. The gluten has been removed from this beer by a special process (V, NGI)


‘Night Mission’ is named after Glebe Farm’s historical links to the famous wartime Pathfinder Head Quarters at RAF Wyton. A crashed Mosquito aircraft has been dug up from under the farm’s fields. A British Real Ale with complex flavours, lightly malted, gently hopped, with aromatic flavours. It is suitable for coeliacs, and is tested, approved and certified by Coeliac UK.

DUNKERTONS ORGANIC CIDER from Herefordshire (7%) (V) 330ml £3.95

ORGANIC FREEDOM LAGER (4.8%) (V) 330ml £3.45

SAM SMITHS ORGANIC LAGER (5%) (V) 330ml £3.95

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