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Having a celebration or feeling indulgent? Why not order one of our speciality cakes, made in house…….

£25 each , cuts into at least 12 slices

Chocolate cake, glazed with vegan chocolate icing (V)

Chocolate and Orange, glazed with chcolate orange icing(V)

Lemon and Poppy seed, with lemon icing(V)

Banana and Blueberry and almond loaf (V,GFI)

£30 each , cuts into at least 12 slices

Pistachio and Cardamon, light and moist with a hint of rosewater(V)

Carrot Cake with soft cheese and orange icing

Coffee and Walnut (V)

To order please call the café, or place your order at the deli counter. Advance notice is required

Celebration Cakes From "That Old Chestnut" Vegan Bakery.

You can order and collect a celebration cake made by That Old Chestnut or in house from Goji Cafe York. Please email details for a quote: