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Goji Cafe January 2017 Annual Holiday

We are closed on New Years Day, but back open on Monday the 2nd and Tuesday the 3rd, before closing on Wednesday the 4th Jan until Thursday the 12th Jan for our annual holiday and to carry out some maintenance work. We are back open on the 13th of January as normal.

Closed: 1st Jan
Open: 2nd Jan & 3rd Jan
Closed: 4th Jan → 12th Jan
Back Open: Friday 13th Jan

Happy New Year

Goji Vegetarian Cafe & Deli day Opening Hours


Mon: 11:00am 4:30pm**
Tue: 11:00am 4:30pm**
Wed: 11:00am 4:30pm**
Thu: 11:00am 4:30pm**
Fri: 09:30am 4:30pm**
Sat: 09:30am 5:00pm
Sun: 11:00am 4:30pm**

**We often stay open later if still busy @ 4.30pm and in holidays.

*** There are no evenings planned at the moment ***

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