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Vegetarian & Vegan Deli | Vegetarian Take-away Food | Real Bread

Our vegetarian deli offers an excellent selection of vegetarian take-away food and Real Bread.


Vegetarian & Vegan Take-away Food, York

We have a wide range of Vegetarian & Vegan take-away options from our deli counter.


Goji New Take away Menu Example

Items & Prices may change.

Take Away Food YorkDeli Photo 1

Butternut squash lemon and goat’s cheese wrap £3.95

Spicy Mixed bean wrap £3.95

Roast Vegetables with smoked tofu and tomato £3.95

Goji mushroom burger- garlic mushroom, melted cheese mayonnaise,

Ketchup  pickles and salad.   £4.50

Hot dog with all the trimmings and free drink £4.10

Warm pecan pie or bake well tart £2.75

Soup of the day £2.10 + fresh bread £2.50

Samosa  £1.70

Quiche:  From £2.50

Pea pakora 50p


The Goji Lunch Offers

Soup & Wrap £5.50

Salad boxes Range of sizes... £2.50, £2.95, £3.50

Hot dog and free drink £4.10


In house Cakes

All our made in house cakes are made on the premises with organic flour and eggs. We also offer vegan cakes and often have "processed sugar" free cakes using fruit syrup in place of the unrefined sugars.

Pecan pie £2.75

Bakewell  £2.75

Date slice  £1.50

Carrot cake £2.50

Vegan chocolate cake £2.50

Lemon poppyseed and coconut cake (vegan) £2.50

Banana & Walnut Loaf £2.50

We also make seasonal and daily special cakes. Some of our specials have included parsnip and maple syrup cake, chocolate & cherry roulade.


That Old Chestnuts Vegan cakes

A wide selection of Vegan cakes from That Old Chestnut in Leeds are delivered every Thursday.


Celebration Cakes

Celebration cakes made by that Old Chestnut can be ordered and collected from Goji Cafe, York.

Prices & options to follow....


Order a cake from Goji Cafe in York

You can order any of our cakes made in house or any of that Old Chestnuts Vegan cakes for collection at the Goji cafe Deli in York. 

** We also make seasonal and daily special cakes.

Price guide and further details to follow.


Real Bread York

Real Bread

All our bread comes freshley made most days from the baker at Food For Thought, Haxby. The bread is made using traditional methods of slow fermentation. He uses low yeasted overnight sponges, natural sourdough, levain or a combination of the two.

Fermentation of the dough is started AT LEAST 16 hours before it even goes into the oven. This means the bread they produce is full of flavour WITHOUT the use of any artificial flour improvers, emulsifiers, other additives or an excessive amount of salt.

All the bread is made with organic flour produced by a YORKSHIRE ORGANIC MILLERS & Shipton Mill

"There's bread and then there's REAL BREAD"

Hot Drinks

Latte  £1.80

Cappuccino £1.80 Americano £1.70

Hot chocolate £1.95 + 20p cream

Herbal tea £1.50

Organic tea £1.70


Cold Drinks

Fentimans ginger beer or lemonade  £1.60

Elderflower presse. £1.60

Pomegrante and raspberry presse £1.60

Cans or mineral water 90p

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