Goji Cafe Vegetarian Menu with Mostly Vegan Options

The Goji Cafe Vegetarian Menu for our cafe in York. Most of the options are also Vegan. Menu updated: 16 Oct 2019. In addition to our main menu we have daily specials and addition options from our deli.

  • Drinks Menu: ()
  • Vegetarian & Vegan Breakfast Menu: ()
  • Takeaway Deli: ()
  • Cafe Menu: (Our Main Vegetarian Cafe Menu: Much of it is also Vegan)
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    Allergies or Dietary Preferences

    Customers with allergies or dietary preferences should inform their waiting staff at the time of ordering and check ingredients with staff as the Menu is not a full ingredients list. Although we have procedures and practices to avoid cross contamination, we cannot 100% guarantee against traces of allergens.


    NGI = No gluten containing ingredients,
    V = Vega
    CN = Contain Nuts